About Us

4th Street Bridge is a production company and creative agency devoted to advancement in culture and media.

Utilizing artistic programming, marketing, production management, and business development, 4th Street Bridge strategizes to help businesses, non-profits, and individuals succeed. We are a company that digs deep  and delivers on your vision, because we believe in it too. 4th Street Bridge also produces media in multiple formats including film, music, photography, and the written word. With these elements at its core, 4th Street Bridge seeks to enhance the way we experience the world.

'We believe in building everyday together'

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A new record label by 4th Street Bridge, Lower Grand is devoted to creating music that is both timely and timeless, music that captures the wonder in front of us and can live for ages to come, music that hits people in the gut and is impossible to shake.

4th Street Bridge produces films that cultivate a universal view. We create stories from distinct and diverse voices for wide audiences. 

Hundred to One is about overcoming some of life’s biggest obstacles, creating the improbable, and persisting - despite the odds, hosted by Christopher Rivas.

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